Friday, March 17, 2017

ST. Patrick's Day Top Ten Facts

ST. Patrick's Day Top Ten Facts  : Let's talk about st patricks day facts and truth. we know st patricks day was celebrated on march 17th 2017 and why the st patricks day celebrated. So, our team collected a best and good thoughts of st patricks day and what you don't know about patricks day you will be know after checking this article let's start from here if you want ot make this st patricks day a huge success send a st patricks day wishes, quotes, sms, messages in irish and english, sayings and hd images. check below for more details and true facts of st patricks day 2017.

Top Ten Facts About ST Patrick's Day 2017 : 

  1. You know one thing st patricks why we celebrated because of saint patrick he will be known as god in usa, ireland and others countries.
  2. St Patricks i mean saint patrick is not an irish he was from wales.
  3.  The shamrocks is an teaching tools which was previously in the centuries ago saint patrick explained about 3 leaves one is the father and other is son and the another last one is holy spirit.
  4. St Patricks day first parade was started in New York in 1760's
  5. Now a days the symbolic color of st patricks day is green color and every one will wear greenish colored clothes and paints. 
  6. But previously the symbolic color was blue in ireland.
  7.  In 2010, the Sydney Opera House went green to mark the 200th anniversary of St. Patrick’s Day there. In Sydney, 
  8. Guniess sales soar on St patricks day 2017.
  9. Every year many public figures and celebraties are travelled on the irish month i.e st patrick day.
  10. ireland is a flee country.

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